Artist Residency

Chalisée Naamani
29/06 - 17/07 2020

Chalisée Naamani
Chalisée Naamani, I prefer a girl hero.e, 2021, recovered Pierre Cardin slipcover, diverse fabrics and clothes, printed spandex, recovered costume jewelry, latex inkjet print on wallpaper, 120 × 50 × 16 cm, printed wall picture: 153 × 100 cm

Chalisée Naamani 25.03.2022-15.04.2022

During her residency in Bordeaux Chalisée Naamani carried on a research project based on images sourced on Instagram and on images she has collected on her iPhone in relation to figures bodies and fashion. This selected material will be used to produce an artist's book.
« The hybrid works of the artist outline a liquid universe, with porous borders, and in which the names of cities or monument memorabilia are enough to spark a plethora of images and create new journeys. The sculptures, installations, and wallpapers of Chalisée Naamani are in fact collages, proving that the source from which the Dadaists and Surrealists, – and actually all the “ism” movements of the beginning of the century– drew their inspiration from, is far from being an outdated medium. She is fueled by brands and advertising – understood as fetishes of our past, present and future times –, by the environment that surrounds her – the carpet mirrors the historic ceiling of the gallery, which, after revamp construction work, revealed delicate floral moldings –, but also by feeds that the pre-Internet avant-gardes would not have even dared to dream of.
Instagram and her iPhone are boundless sources from which Chalisée Naamani fishes out a jumble of iconic or intimate figures, that she combines in a perfectly controlled effervescence. The wallpaper let out her readings, and sometimes her own reflection, or even those of the places and symbols that make up her world, itself a fragment of a digital-virtual macrocosm in which the flow is never completely contained, but where life is pleasant once you manage to uncover connections and bonds. »
- Horya Makhlouf, 2021

CN (b. 1995, Paris) lives and works in Paris. She graduated from L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2020.