Artist Residency

Antoine Davenne
21.09.2015 – 20.10.2015

Antoine Davenne
Antoine Davenne, Location-scouting photo of the Betasom submarine base in Bordeaux, 2015

During his residency, Antoine Davenne worked towards a script for a video project. He engaged in writing and carried on his research into military buildings that remain from the Second World War in several parts of Europe. His project seeks to explore how, through geometry and perspective, some of these remains may form a particular space for interrogating the memory of conflict and warfare activity, both in relation to landscape and to the theatre.

Antoine Davenne (b. 1979, Reims, France) currently lives and works in Paris. Recent exhibitions and performance programmes include Natural Beginners at La Rouvraie, Greater Paris in 2015, Nuovo Mondo at Palais de Tokyo, Paris in 2014, as well as That Said at Babel, Trondheim and Situation|Event at Gasworks, London in 2013.