Artist Residency

Francesco Gennari
11.11.2022 - 28.11.2022

Francesco Gennari
During his residency at SOLARIS Francesco Gennari focused on one of his ongoing drawing projects based on habits of repetitive daily exercises from his everyday life. "I am interested in the idea of constructing a great metaphysical landscape of which I am the centre and creator at the same time, it is a varied landscape, it is an ambiguous landscape because it is harmonious and at the same time full of contradictions. The Earth revolves around itself, the Earth revolves around the Sun, entropy generates irreversible disorder, beetles fly, gin evaporates, mint syrup solidifies, life and death mark the times of becoming and I am always there to observe the world moving, matter transforming and my feelings changing continuously... The whole universe is material at my disposal. I think of an ideal system made up of many elements, I think of a set of works that arise from habits or things from my everyday life, such as my loden or my Clark's shoes, allowing me to represent what universally happens to each person, in short, starting from the relative to reach the absolute.” - Francesco Gennari

Francesco (b. 1973 in Fano, Italy) lives and works in Pesaro and Milan.